Half way there!


Pure relief! We have a healthy baby in there!

I’ve not been the best mum-to-be… feeling pukey (often following up) means all I want is stodge and sugar.Fruit and veg weren’t very successful at staying down so I’ve been hoping the pregnancy vitamins have done the trick! I’d hoped the chocolate bars that the bumpĀ asks me for didn’t mean too much caffeine, and that that odd glass of wine on holiday hadn’t done too much damage….and am now promising myself that going forward I will be healthier…

I’m not the most maternal of people, but even I got teary eyed when I saw those little fists punching out and the tiny heart pumping blood around. I think it was the reassurance that what I felt inside me was actually baby movement and wasn’t just gas, that there was actually something in there; a little heartbeat a little person. I’m relieved that I don’t have to let down my parents who are so excited about their first grandchild. I’m happy for Mr G, who has wanted children for much longer than me. And I suppose I’m happy for me- I feel now I know that this is actually happening I can plan, get that nursery sorted and start shopping!!